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Free yoga classes in Moscow for all levels of training.
Saturday 06 July classes are canceled Sunil is out of town !
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About Founder
Sunil Dahiya, India
Yoga teacher converted philanthropist, Sunil Dahiya is creator of two systems and four styles of yoga,
Certified Examiner of the Indian Yoga Academy,
Inspector of Standards for Schools and Yoga Centers in the "Foundation for Ancient Culture and Education",
Guest lecturer at several international universities and institutes of yoga,
Yoga therapist recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO),
Author of couple of books about advanced yoga techniques,
Internationally renowned yoga masters trainer,
India's national champion in yoga from 1997 to 2006
Founder and director of ABS Yoga International,
Sunil Dahiya has several prestigious awards, including the Bharat Yoga Samrat (Indian King of Yoga), presented by the Indian Yoga Federation; "Champion of the Meet" ("champion of champions") from the government of Pondicherry; and "University Color in Yoga" from Delhi University.
Yoga in Park 50 Years of October
"Volleyball Court" near
Street: Udaltsova, 36, Moscow, 119454
Map / Geo Coordinates: 55.704596, 37.512778
Classes 3 times a week in a cozy park, near metro station Prospekt Vernadskogo. You need your 'yoga mat' with you. And come in sports clothes. On Saturday after classes Free English Conversational Practice guided by Mr Philip - open hearted professional English teacher from America.
* Advanced class only for few approved qualified people.
Tue 19:00 – 20:45
Sat 09:30 - 11:35
* Sat 06:00 - 08:00
Yoga in Park Fili
Art Studio "Filka" near the main entrance
Map / Geo Coordinates: 55.7504062 , 37.4897258
Morning classes for cheerfulness for the whole day. After class - the traditional tea-satsang. Bring glasses, tea bags, vegetarian sweets.
Tue 07:45 – 09:15
Indian Yoga Academy is established to make world Healthier, Joyful & Peaceful. We do research (1) to find the root problems of the problems and (2) to find or develop their solutions.

My first project is to uplift human values (as lower values are the major root cause of most of problems in modern world) through free yoga classes. We take multidimensional approach to give emotional-energetic nutritional supplements (based on yogic science of spiritual dietetics). So that people may develop courage, joy and enthusiasm to hold on their human values even in contrary circumstances.

I call it "infection of joy and helping each-other". Soon it will spread throughout the world. Everyone who benefits from our activities feels the need to share this energy with others.

Sunil Dahiya
Author of course
How to Reach
Free Yoga Classes in Moscow
  1. Free yoga classes in Park 50th years anniversary of October:
    (a) At volleyball court (in good weather):
    From Metro Prospekt Vernadskogo:
    1) By Walk: Enter park & walk about 12 minutes. We are almost opposite corner of park.
    2) By Bus: 715, 494, 661 or 120 to the stop "Ulitsa Udaltsova, 85". From the stop, walk back about 100 meters (passing grocery store & Cafe), then turn left on small street and walk about 150 meters (passing the long brick building on your right). Enter the park. You will see three fenced sports fields. One is ours.
    (b) In the hall (in bad weather):
    From Metro Prospekt Vernadskogo:
    1) Walk straight through the park for about 10 minutes. After crossing administration building at main crossing, walk further 100 meters and than turn Left. You will see a small wooden building- "Rental" with glass windos. This is our room.
    2) By bus: 715, 494, 611 or 120 to the stop "Park of the 50th anniversary of October." Enter the park, through amin entrance (in frond of road. Not the side one). At entrance check-point, there is a guard cabin on the left. After the security point turn left, walk 150 meters. On the right you will see a wooden building - "Rental". This is our room.
  2. Free Yoga Classes in Fili Park:
    Take bus M2 or T39 from Metro Bagrationovskaya to the main entrance of Fili Park. Walk 150 m walk straight. On the left you will see the round building, the Art Studio "Filka". This is our hall.
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